I haven’t forgotten

I haven’t forgotten or given up. I have been working a lot! more work equals bigger pay checks! Stay tuned! I am heading to Good-Will tomorrow to pick some clothes up for resale! that will be the first step to making some extra cash to reach the goal!

In the Good-Will post we will take a look at ways to resale goods, such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Offer Up, Letgo and more!

The Beginning

This journey I am beginning is a dream I have been dreaming the last few months and have finally put the pen to paper… er fingers to keyboard.

A little backstory, in 2007 I graduated High school, three weeks later I was in boot camp for the Navy. I had a great Naval Career, loved it, loved my work, loved the pay. In October 2016 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. To sum that up, another driver on the highway I was on in a pick up truck decided to change lanes very unexpectedly with no signal. In the process of that, he took me out.

Two years and more medical appointments than I could count, the Navy medically retired me as I was not able to preform my job anymore. The accident killed a bunch of nerves in the right side of my body, limiting the use of my right shoulder a lot.

Fast forward to now, Ive been out of the military for 90ish days, and am working a pretty dead end part time job at Wal-Mart. Every day at work I constantly tell myself, this isn’t enough, this job will not make my dreams in life come true. Looking around at all my coworkers I can sense the same feeling in them too. $11.50 an hour doesn’t set you up for retirement, doesn’t make the dream of home ownership come true. That big new truck at the dealer that you would look so great in… yeah keeping drooling buddy.

I am not money smart, I owe money on stupid things like a motorcycle, frugal use of a credit card, and financed phones through the UnCarrier. But those dreams above, I want those. So here is the plan.

I am going to learn to make my money work for me

I am going to learn to make passive income

I am going to make money from the internet

And by the time I am 60, I will have $1,000,000 of spendable cash at my disposal, and a good retirement income.

The bonus of doing this journey through blog is I am going to share with you everything I do, how I do it, where I learned it, and why I did it. I’m not promising perfection, there will be mistakes and missteps.

I want this dream, and I want others to be able to achieve it too.

Thanks for reading.